Distinguished Restaurant Awards

The Distinguished Restaurant Awards recognize industry experts who are part of the diverse restaurant industry. Restaurant awards inspire creativity, excellence and healthy competition in the industry.

Restaurant awards provide an opportunity for restaurants in local, national and international markets to deliver an exceptional fine dining experience, customer service and above all, creativity. Recognition by the Distinguished Restaurant Awards also further promotes restaurants based on their culinary accomplishments.

The Distinguished Restaurant Awards recognize and acknowledge outstanding dining experiences based on the choice of menu ambiance and presentation of food. The awards are also a source of motivation and inspiration for staff to strive to achieve positive feedback from the public as well as food critics.

The focus of the Distinguished Restaurant Awards is to highlight distinct features of a restaurant in terms of food, ambiance, and overall experience. The awards encourage competition globally, inspiring restaurants in the industry to strive towards improving their quality of food and service continually.

The Distinguished Restaurant Awards are presented globally.

Food that is Authentic

The Distinguished Restaurant Awards are presented to establishments which cook food in a traditional style, laying impetus on authenticity.

Cuisine Served is Chef – Conceived and Validated

The awards are awarded based on dishes that are exclusively prepared and validated by the Chef.

Flavors and Aromas Accentuate the Food Experience

The food experience in the restaurant is enhanced by the flavors and aromas of the dish.

Kitchen Quality

The awards are also presented based on levels of hygiene maintained in the kitchen during the preparation dishes as well as the general operation of the establishment.

Attire and Dress

The staff at the restaurant must display and maintain a high standard of attire and dress while servicing the customers. Furthermore, providing a superior ambiance with the decor, setting and theme that elevates the dining experience is of paramount importance.


The Distinguished Restaurant Awards are presented based on the interiors of the restaurant and how they add to the appeal of the overall dining experience.


The awards also take into account the attention to detail in furnishing an establishment, something that is vital to enhancing the overall experience of the customers.


The detail to furniture in a restaurant and its role in increasing the comfort of customers is another important criterion that the restaurant award considers.

Visual Merchandise

The Distinguished Restaurant Awards are determined based on how customers are attracted by way of presentation of ingredients and dishes.

Brand Signage

The manner in which a restaurant presents its brand through signage and other innovative promotion techniques is also taken into account.

Tableware: Cutlery & Crockery

The awards also consider the attention given to cutlery and crockery, a vital component of the presentation.


Lighting which is appropriate to the theme and mood of the restaurant and augments the dining experience is also of import.


The type of videos that are streamed, the quality of the content displayed and how it matches with the theme of the restaurant is taken into consideration.

Ambient Temperature

Optimum temperature at the restaurant in relation to the climatic conditions is taken into consideration.


The service of the staff in listening to the customer’s preference of menu items is taken into consideration while presenting the award


A well-groomed staff adds to the appearance quotient of the staff at a restaurant and enhances the service.


The greeting factors during the time that a customer spends at a restaurant is taken into consideration.


Serving the customer and the polite attitude of the staff is taken into consideration while presenting the award


The listening ability of the staff with regards to customization of menu items and requests are taken into consideration

Attire / Gloves

The attire of the staff along with essentials like gloves which add to the hygiene factor in a restaurant is taken into consideration.


The footwear worn by the staff adds to the presentation and matches with the theme or décor of the restaurant.

Head Dress

The headdress worn by the staff and the chefs which are essential to hygiene in a restaurant are taken into consideration.


The discretion of the staff with regards to the privacy and preferences of the customer is taken into consideration while presenting the award.

Managing guest expectations and addressing concerns in a customer centric manner.

  • Incident Log Book
  • Incident Recovery System
  • ‘How can we do better” Card
  • Steps of correction
  • Check & Re-check system
  • Fault Tolerance Levels
  • Highest Officer Accountability
  • Maintaining standards of health and hygiene within and around the dining premises.

  • Wet Room
  • Wet Waste
  • Disposal System
  • Pest Control
  • Security-Surveillance-Standards
  • Drills
  • Distinguished Restaurant Award Framed Certificate