Tinello - Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad

Ashram Road - Ahmedabad

Located in Ahmedabad, Tinello is an Italian restaurant with beautiful minimalistic interiors that include a compact seating arrangement, cream and intermediate glass walls, wooden floors, and soft lighting. It also faces a garden, making it the perfect setting for a romantic Italian dinner. The staff at Tinello are extra hospitable and their kitchen offers guests a varied selection of a la carte specialties.The Pizza Genovese, a signature dish of theirs, is topped with basil, cream, delicious blanched French beans, potatoes and mozzarella cheese. Every slice is heaven, making it a must try dish. The freshly-baked focaccia bread is delicious as a starter with the perfect blend of herbs. Another signature dish of theirs is the Minestrone Genovese, a delicious soup made from basil, pesto, red pumpkin and rosemary. These ingredients are combined with vegetable stock, making it a truly special dish. Pumpkin Ravioli and the chocolate desserts are the highlights in the dessert section. There is a perfect contrast between the browned butter and sweetness of the pumpkin filling.

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