Restaurant Blauw aan de Wal

Amsterdam - Netherlands

You can find Restaurant Blauw aan de Wal In the middle of the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Surrounded by the red lights, the swaying glances and the rich history. Through the clamour of the streets a small alley leads to an attractive courtyard with an old warehouse.This is where chef and owner Daan Olthuis and his team cook changing menu with a modest passion and inspiring seasonal products. The extensive wine list is carefully attuned to the menu.

The cuisine is inspired by seasonal ingredients that appeal to our imagination and taste. Products that speak for themselves , and will therefore be kept intact as much as possible as is according to the vision of the chef.Favorites include Scottish razors and “Zeeuwse Platte ” oysters , fresh peas , summer chanterelles, Vialone Nano risotto, wild sea bass , Ibérico pork, buffalo ricotta and Valrona chocolate.Vegetarian dishes are available on request and will be prepared with as much love by the kitchen team.

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