Le Bistro

Fairmont Hotel - Baku, Azerbaijan

Le Bistro is located at the lobby level of Fairmont hotel and offers its guests relaxed and casual set up highlighting the very best of Mediterranean cuisine with local touch. They are open for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Guests get a homely feel as the chefs of the renovated restaurant go about preparing the dishes in front of the guests in the open kitchen and interact enthusiastically with them to make their visit even more memorable.

From a delicious Quinoa and Crab Salad, Roasted Salmon, Beef Rib-Eye Steak, Chicken Ala Kiev to delicious vegetarian pastas – they have an international menu. From the month of June, Le Bistro will launch a fantastic new menu that will largely incorporate organic farm grains, cereals, meats, dairy and poultry of the region with breads served in ‘Bread Bags’ and not in the usual bread baskets, all created by Chef Jean.

Opening hours