Baku, Azerbaijan

This recently renovated restaurant, also by the Beat Group, is an old-time favorite for locals and visitors alike. With its beautiful modern interior, light colored walls, wooden design elements, and couches full of the decorative kilim cushions, Sumakh is renowned for its ambiance as much as its flavorful cuisine. The open kitchen allows you to see how the food is made - an innovative concept here. Chef Farid Tarverdiyev has the whole spectrum of Azerbaijani dishes on his menu. Everything is delicious here: from mangal (roasted vegetable) salad and tandoori flatbreads to qutabs with herbs and pumpkin, lamb kebab, pilaf, chicken govurma stew, and many others. Tea service and rich sweets like bakhlava and shekerbura are no less a treat. Diners with expensive tastes can also indulge in the world-famous Caspian black caviar.

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