Nasi And Mee

Koramangala 4th Block - Bangalore

Nasi and Mee translates to ‘rice and noodles’ in Bahasa, with ‘mee’ coming from the Cantonese word for noodles - mien. Having evolved over the years through a variety of cultural influences– Chinese, Malay, Indian and Persian–South East Asian food is known to be a delicious melting pot of fusion cuisine.The inspired menu at Nasi and Mee includes everything from tried-and-tested classics to adventurous options from the street and hawker stalls of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The restaurant believes in sourcing the freshest of ingredients in a responsible manner. The eatery has a very industrial chic vibe and focuses predominantly on street food. The causal set-up and the the great music creates a great ambience perfect for having a meal with family or bunch of friends.

The head chef Dinesh Sharma, specializes in Oriental/ Asian Cuisine with a vast experience of 14 years with renowned brands like Red Bamboo Shoots and Shiro. He recommends a few popular choices such as the Honey Chilli Lotus Stem, Nasi Goreng, Mamak Mee Goreng, Xia Long Bao, Winter Melon Chicken Soup, Malaysian Chicken Satay, Sambal Prawns, Prawn Har Gow, Mushroom and Water Chestnut Dim Sum, Ice blended Milo, ABC Juice, Chendol Drink, Fried Ice cream, Ais Kachang. Chef Dinesh has been an integral part of the organisation from its inception and has navigated this brand towards its current success and popularity with the customers.

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