Karibu - The Zuri

Whitefield - Bangalore

Karibu is an all-day, multi-cuisine bar and restaurant, which among other things offers its guests pizza from a wood fired oven. The warm lighting from the magnificent chandeliers, the soft music that plays in the background, and the aroma of the food filling up the air, sets the tone and appetite at Karibu.They offer an elaborate buffet spread at breakfast, lunch and dinner. On weekends, enjoy their special brunch.The Great Sunday Brunch, which boasts of a delectable spread of starters,12 salads, 14 main course dishes, 5 live counters and 10 different desserts. On Sundays one can relax by the poolside and enjoy their short eats and barbeque. Their signature dish is the Mezze Sampler, which has hummus, badal jaam, fattoush and Moroccan farina bread.

The flavors of the fried pita bread and olive oil tossed vegetables makes this dish a delectable one. Their Kaeng Ped is a Thai delicacy. The red curry is served with bamboo shoots. The softness of the chicken and crunchy bamboo shoots offer a burst of textures. The Herb Chicken with black pepper is also a must try dish. The juicy roasted chicken breast is served with garlic mash potatoes as a side.

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