Phobidden Fruit Vietnamese Kitchen


To being with, I simply love this place! This has been our go-to place for my husband and I. Every chance we get; we definitely visit it. This time we introduced our friend to this place. Trust me he was a happy camper at the end of our meals. I really love how simple and unassuming design of this place is. It definitely has the warmth to it, although some might feel a little too close to the next table. You know this place is good when you see people waiting outside always. I have seen the owner many times ensuring you are welcome with a smile and served properly.

Let’s talk about the best part now ‘FOOD’. Phobidden Fruit place doesn’t stop to surprise me. Every time we go there we end up trying new dishes and love it! Many vegetarians would turn away thinking this is Vietnamese food, what options will they have! But trust me there are plenty.

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