The Reservoire


People of all ages and backgrounds are living really stressful lives. After a hard day’s work, we all just want to just sit back, relax and unwind. There is a great need for a place that gives everybody an outlet to tell their stories, talk about the good old days, relax, eat great food and drink better drinks. The Reservoire has an abundance of all that and more. It is a place that has a great vibe. And, an infectious energy.

The Reservoire believes that sometimes, people just want to be themselves. People are in search of that nook where they can unwind. A place that reflects their energetic, vibrant and forward-thinking personalities. The Reservoire is that place. Our vision is to create cocktail bar and kitchen where people can call it home through the day, savouring great breakfasts, wood-fired pizzas, comfort foods and super cocktails. With The Reservoire, we wanted to create a place that has a mix of vibes and energy that mingle to create a welcoming and social gathering space.

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