PEEPS Thai Eatery

Bangkok - Thailand

Located close to Khao San road, Peeps is a small restaurant that serves Thai food, prepared with fresh ingredients, with a twist. Their plating and presentation is quite unique and is a primary drawing point for foodies.

Starting with the crispy tamarind chicken that has the right balance of flavors owing to use of red chili and tamarind sauce, that lend it a sweet and sour taste. The steamed pork dumplings are generously stuffed, and paired with a spicy sauce. The Pad Thai is rich is delicious and the freshness of ingredients is apparent. The lemongrass based curries have a delicate taste to it and mostly go well with plain white rice.

The signature drink of the restaurant, the Mango beer, is a mix of ripe mango juice and Thai local beer. It hits the right notes and is a refreshing drink for the summer. The butter cake served with ice cream is a delectable end to the perfect meal.

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