Brussels - Belgium

In Brussels Amadeus is better known as "Amadeo". At the start of the year 2000 there was already a restaurant on the other side of our capital that carried the same name, and that's why we had to change our name. We then looked for a name with which customers could easily link to Amadeus. Meanwhile, the restaurant that was also known as "Amadeus" at that time is already closed. Since we already have some name recognition as "Amadeo", we will not change this name. In Amadeo Brussels the interior is not with the characteristic mirror walls, such as in the offices Gent 1, Gent 2, kaffee Amadeus, Antwerp 1 and Amadeus Lozer, but here was chosen for a library-style interior in the large entrance hall, and for the cozy "old-fashioned" look in the halls at the back and at the side. At the entrance you will find a stuffed cow, which has now become a landmark for many of our customers.

Our well-known ribs a volonte, and our classic Irish coffee, still served in 3 layers, will certainly appeal to you in Brussels. Of course we also serve grilled prawns, brochette, grill mixte, steak au poivre or béarnaise, etc ... We are centrally located between the fair and the Vismarkt. In the vicinity of the Grote Markt, the cantral station, and the traffic-free axis around the Anspach avenue, Amadeo is definitely worth a visit when you are in Brussels! Whether you are with 2, with your wife and kids, with your colleagues or with a group of friends, you will definitely find your thing at Amadeo. Since Amadeo Brussels is usually quite crowded, it is recommended to book in advance (preferably via the reservation module on the site). Coincidentally in the neighborhood, and not reserved, hop inside, we see what we can do to give you a place immediately, or to keep the waiting time to a minimum.

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