Los Tacos

Brussels - Belgium

Brussels is home to a Mexican restaurant that is known as Los Tacos. It is near Place Sainte-Catherine. Each one takes place and is transported in a unique culinary journey through original dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine. It welcomes everyone in a typical authentic Mexican setting. The flavors of Mexico in the hands of an exceptional chef.In terms of flavors, you deserve the best, and the chef at Los Tacos restaurant in Brussels does everything to satisfy you. Tex-Mex gastronomy is its specialty, and different simple and delicious dishes are offered. The plates are generous, hearty and tasty to perfection. In addition, it is well presented. In this tourist-oriented establishment, the dishes are prepared by the minute with fresh ingredients to guarantee their quality as well as the flavors of the products used.

A real Mexican restaurant with typical dishes. The Mexican restaurant Los Tacos in Brussels offers equally delicious dishes. Nachos, nacho trios, pollo tacos, chili con carne, quesadilla and many more are available as starters. As a main course, you have the choice between burrito, enchilada pollo, Mexican festival, vegetarian burrito ... As a dessert, your palate will certainly appreciate lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet or elado Ninos based whipped cream, chocolate and vanilla. As for drinks, quality wines are in the spotlight. An unmissable address in Brussels Entering the Los Tacos restaurant in Brussels is immersed in a new world. This establishment is characterized by a decoration typical of Mexico. The room is embellished with cactus with a panoramic view of the Arizona desert. You will eat in a carriole on the lookout for the attack of desperados to the sound of mariachis. What we can say is that the setting is really warm and friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect for a friendly and quiet meal with loved ones. To discover Mexican cuisine, you now know where to go!

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