The Afghan Grill - The Residency Hotel

Race Course - Coimbatore

Tucked away in a corner of The Residency, this pool side restaurant attracts many guests because of its wonderful ambience. The light breeze and quiet environment makes The Afghan Grill a perfect getaway from the mundane routine of life. The restaurant is decorated with a variety of plants; some hang from the wooden plank ceiling and others are placed at various corners of the restaurant. The service is what always makes the difference. At The Afghan Grill, broad smiles greet you at the entrance and help you settle down at your table. From meat to vegetables, the menu has a lot of delicious food to offer. Their signature dishes are the Awadhi Dum ka Nalli, the Zameen-E-Azam ke Aloo Firdousi, and the Almond Aur Hari Gobi Ki Tawwa Kebab.

In a world where potatoes are cooked as either French fries or boiled for a curry, The Afghan Grill fashions this simple vegetable into a delightful delicacy with their Zameen-E-Azam ke Aloo Firdousi. The par boiled potatoes are filled with an exotic mix of raw mango, cashew nuts, pineapple and lot of other spices, making this a must try dish that always leaves you craving more. The icing on the cake is the Almond Aur Hari Gobi Ki Tawwa Kebab. Freshly grounds spices are mixed with broccoli and cooked on a hot griddle plate. This kebab is served in the shape of a tear drop and garnished with onions, capsicum and mint leaves. With every bite, the kebab melts in your mouth. So, if you’re tired of life’s routine and just need to escape, you know where to go.

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