Eau De Monsoon - Le Meridien

Janpath - Delhi

Eau De Monsoon is an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed restaurant that has a romantic vibe about it. Chandeliers hang beautifully from the ceilings, orange lights illuminate the room and pleasant music fills the air; every detail has been meticulously planned and executed. Eau De Monsoon offers a lovely blend of modern and traditional cuisine with exciting and unique flavors.One of their signature dishes is the Deconstructed Samosa with Green Peas and Tomato Chutney.

The dish consists of diced potatoes sautéed in herbs and served in a cylindrical savoury wafer. The beauty of this dish lies in its presentation. The potatoes are placed in a manner that makes them look as though they are flowing out of the wafer. The sweetness of the tomato paste and the crispiness of the potatoes and wafers combine to create an amazing mix of texture and flavour. Another signature dish here is their signature Sea Bass. The fish fillets are cooked in a ginger garlic and chilli paste and then garnished with artichokes, asparagus and steamed snow peas. It is definitely worth taking a break from your daily routine and visiting Eau De Monsoon.

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