Du Liban-Libanon Restaurant

Frankfurt- Germany

Hospitality has a long tradition in Lebanon. Serving friends extensively, turning strangers into friends, eating together, chatting, relaxing - these are all traits that the Lebanese are proud of. In Lebanon, this tradition is carefully maintained. Anyone who comes here is looking forward not only to the genuine, excellent Lebanese cuisine, but to an atmosphere that takes the guest away for a few hours from the hectic everyday life of the metropolis Frankfurt to another world.

That's why the Lebanon restaurant places so much emphasis on the ambience that embodies modern Lebanon with its friendly bright colors and tasteful décor: a country that participates in progress without denying its origin. But of course, these outward appearances are only the framework of what awaits the guest in Lebanon: the warm welcome, the personal care in the selection of food and drinks and a brief introduction to the typical Arabic Esstechnik.

And since Lebanon sees meals as an act of communion, not every guest necessarily orders his or her own dish, but chooses together, loads the table with delicacies, as in the Arabian Nights, and experiences a complete culinary journey on a single evening through Lebanon - from wonderfully smelling meza (starters) to lamb specialties or vegetarian main courses. It is also fitting that this Lebanon restaurant offers insights into Lebanese culture - in the form of oriental dances (Saturdays or, if desired, other days). Discover the Lebanese hospitality in close proximity to Frankfurt's banking and financial centers - whether for breakfast buffet, lunch or in the context of an unforgettable evening, decide for yourself.

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