Frankfurt- Germany

A visit to eatDOORI is like a short trip to India, full of unique impressions and tasty experiences. The ambience quotes Indian street food, in the air hangs the smell of freshly baked naan and hot chai. Fragrant curries and crunchy Vada Pavs are on the tables in the back - as in the streets of Mumbai.

It is a bit noisy, there is a lively bustle and through the open kitchen windows you can watch our chefs picking the skewers of vegetables or marinated chicken tikka from the tandoori oven. The eatDOORI is the epitome of living India! In combination with modern elements in urban industrial design, we want to create a place for young and old, where you can enjoy the Indian hospitality together with a delicious Lassi.

The idea for this restaurant came about during a trip together: A visit to India was the crucial point to import the authentic Indian Street Food - together with the special atmosphere of the country - and to give it a modern twist. From this idea, a restaurant concept was created, which revives the adventurous, exciting and multi-faceted spirit of the Indian subcontinent in the middle of Germany.

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