Selera Malaysian Restaurant

Frankfurt- Germany

The Munchener Strasse in Frankfurt, a strategically located street in the proximity of the city's central railway station, is dotted with small Asian and Turkish eateries, grocery stores, an improvised mosque for the growing Muslim community in the city, and other establishments offering other creature comforts.

However, Munchener Strasse has a major attraction, particularly to Malaysians and other Southeast Asians, in the form of a new restaurant called Selera, which offers Malaysian cuisine. The restaurant is run by two partners, Kee Chuan Lim and Chan Mei Leng, both from Perak state in Malaysia. Chan's husband Yoong Nam Sang, a native of Pahang and a professional cook, churns out a wide range of Malaysian dishes that represent Malaysia's three Major culinary cultures the Chinese, Indian and Malay.

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