Frankfurt - Germany

When the Mook Group inaugurated its Zenzakan restaurant in 2009, the event heralded a whole new era in fine Asian dining. Similarly spectacular locations were to be found in slick metropolises such as Dubai, Shanghai or New York only once in a blue moon. It was thus very clear that, once again, the Mook Group had succeeded in completely redefining standards in the German hospitality industry. Consequently, praise and recognition was heaped on Zenzakan, which managed to win over customers from a culinary point of view right away, too. Shortly after its doors opened, for example, we succeeded in hauling back to Frankfurt the title for the best foreign restaurant in Germany. However, it has never been one of the great strengths of the Mook Group to arrogantly rest on its laurels – which is why we have relentlessly worked on improving Zenzakan both from a visual and culinary standpoint.

Thanks to this persistent and tenacious commitment, we have succeeded in defining the benchmark for fine Asian dining in Germany even today. But that's enough of wallowing in superlatives. The best thing you could do now is to go and see Zenzakan for yourself! You will very quickly come to realise that our euphoric portrayal of this restaurant is surpassed only by the overwhelming reality.

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