MOB - Belgium Beer House


MOB is a beer guzzler’s paradise and should be visited by anyone who loves to indulge in tasting some of the most authentic flavors of Belgium beer. The place has an energetic ambience with lively music.

What sets this place apart is how it serves tap and bottled beer in both light and dark colors. The restaurant has a delectable range of food. The seafood platter, gun powder platter, grilled fish satay, Chicken saucy tossy, and the egg variants like the egg Manchurian and the omelette platter are some of the favorites of those who relish meat.

Vegetarians also have a delicious range to choose from. Dishes such as the Aglio Olio, Bruschetta, Stuffed button mushrooms, and the Garlic toastees platter are worth a shot. They also serve continental dishes like the Grilled snapper and quesadillas. They also offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian range of pizzas.

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