Dialogue In The Dark


ACE Experiences Asia Pvt. Ltd. was founded on the conviction that experiences and encounters are pedagogically powerful and invaluable. Based upon this conviction, ACE set out on a business mission to bring unique, experiential, entertaining and relevant educational exhibits to India. As a first step to fulfilling this mission, ACE brought the world famous “Dialogue in the Dark” exhibit to India. “Dialogue in the Dark” is an excellent example of the type of experiences ACE is endeavoring to bring to India, as it is experiential, unique, exhilarating, and profoundly impactful.

ACE’s business mission is to educate people on socially relevant themes using the medium of experiential entertainment. ACE believes that India as a rapidly growing economy with a rising GDP, literacy rates, per capita income, productivity, and middle class, and an huge culturally aware youth population is ready to embrace a such attractions – Dialogue in the Dark is a world class, cutting edge, state of the art interactive and immersive edutainment exhibition.

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