Firewater Fine Dining Bar


Firewater Kitchen & Bar has separate dining areas for groups, with a great ambience and the staff are courteous and prompt offering North Indian and Chinese cuisine. Starters such as Murg Rani kebab have the right amount of tenderness and flavors. The flour-sealed matka kebabs are succulent, sprinkled with the right amounts of flavor. The interesting concoction of cocktails are a heady mix of refreshing ingredients, stirred to perfection.

For the main course, the lazeez murg has well-marinated boneless chicken pieces in rich gravy, an excellent accompaniment with kheema naan. The pathar ka gosht tender mutton pieces are fried to perfection. The Gongura mutton pulao stands out for the balance between the spice from the meat and the flavored rice.

The desserts that stand out are the panna cotta, served with a simple raspberry sauce and the lava cake which has steaming hot chocolate bursting into the plate.

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