Le Spring By IBC

Gautam Marg - Jaipur

Le Spring, a brainchild of IBC is a rooftop restaurant in Jaipur, with a unique approach to it. The restaurant is located in the shopping destination of the city and is a combination of rooftop dining as well as indoor dining. The two story restaurant comprises of a terrace and balcony set up as well with a space for live screenings.

The restaurant believes in using farm fresh ingredients in their delicacies, that they have their own vertical farm and a trained gardener who helps in the growth of the herbs that go directly from the garden to the kitchen and on to the dishes. The menu is a fusion of a variety of dishes from around the world like Golgappa Caviar, Brocolli shorba, Kulcha masala burger, etc. Dahi Ke Kebab, Chur Chur Paratha, Santarey Ki Kheer, Dhuaan Gosht are the dishes that are popular amongst the patron because of the playful fusion of the flavors that help you enjoy every bite till the end.

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