Alfresco - The Lalit Great Eastern

Esplanade - Kolkata

Unblemished, pristine white defines Alfresco, the fine dine restaurant at The Lalit – Great Eastern Kolkata. The freshness of the color, regal setting and proximity to nature through light and greens welcome you into a food heaven. Clearly, the restaurant’s signature dish, Machli Gandhoraj, is representative of the richness of Bengali culture and Northern Frontier region. Machli Gandhoraj is a piece de resistance,especially for someone who unwillingly wants to fall in love with Bengali cuisine. The bhetki fish is indigenously marinated with gandhoraj lime, along with cashew nut, cream and mild garam masala. It is then cooked in a clay oven. The rich taste and fragrance of gandhoraj lime is overtly significant. It’s freshness and taste wafts past the nose and tongue, stimulating all the five senses.The mixed grill London House is a traditional, lost cuisine of the Anglo Indians. It is a mix of pan-seared rack of lamb, natural casing of chorizo, chicken breast and tenderloin tournedos. As a practice from the past, the dish is served with red wine. The pan gravy consists of the juice that emerges while cooking. This is a sheer delight to the guests’ palate.

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