Cafe Swiss - Swissotel Kolkata Neotia Vista

Rajarhat New Town - Kolkata

Located in New Town, Kolkata, Cafe Swiss has a welcoming ambience with brightly lit indoor and outdoor dining space. The furniture is neatly arranged and you feel comfortable immediately after entering the restaurant. One can choose to sit inside or an outdoor seating. The restaurant is designed in a manner so that light pervades from the top and the sides of the restaurant. The menu is filled with French, Indian and other international delicacies. Signature dishes are vegetarian roesti, smoked salmon and Cafe Swiss fondue. Adding to these, they offer fruit buns, kiwi fruit juice and various Indian chaat.

For desserts, they offer several international dishes as well as Indian. Their signature dish is the Bircherm├╝esli. The oat flakes are first mixed with water and sweet evaporated milk. Grinded juicy apples are then added to this mixture. Sugar and honey are then added to taste. This is a simple dish yet has a variety of textures as you bite into it. Traditional assorted Bengali sweets are also offered as dessert. Cafe Swiss is a perfect place to experience neat dining.

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