Chinoiserie - Taj Bengal

Alipore - Kolkata

Chinoiserie has pleasing ambience with soothing music playing in the background. The luxurious interior and presentation of the dishes are some positives. The restaurant is located in Taj Bengal, Kolkata.The menu contains various authentic Chinese dishes. The signature dishes are pork dim sum golden corn,stir fried spicy lamb and mongolian chicken. The North Atlantic Scallop perfectly blends with the sweetness of the ginger spring onion sauce. Master Chef Lian prepare series of schezwan dishes. Apart from these, chef’s special cheese balls and silken tofu soup are mouthwatering delicacies. The chicken in plum sauce has the right amount of sweetness and blends well with the texture of the tender chicken.

The restaurant also offers wide range of alcohol and desserts. Coconut, and rose ice cream were unique dishes among the others. The almond pudding is creamy and chocolaty.The cream is very soft with coconut chunks in it. Chinoiserie is the perfect place to enjoy Chinese food with a bit of Indian Touch.

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