Sonartori Ganga Kuthir - Ffort Raichak

Falta - Kolkata

Sonar Tori is home to authentic Bengali food. This restaurant was built with care and next to the Ganges and attempts to offer a simulate all your senses with their food. The cuisine is categorized into three; Zamindari, Gramin and Mussalmander Khabar. The Zamindari food is served on a Musrshidabad set. Clay pots from Ilambazar are used to serve Peasant food and Handmade ceramic from Santiniketan for serving Muslim food.

Their signature dish is the Mochar ghonto which is a preparation made with banana flowers, potatoes, white urad dal dumpling, Bengal gram, tempered with mustard oil,red chilli and cumin seeds. The Sorsae Ilish is also a signature dish here. The Hilsa fish is simmered in green chilli, panch phoron and served with mustard paste gravy.

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