Light House Cafe

Worli - Mumbai

Light house cafe is a vibrant wine and dine place located in Worli, Mumbai. The set-up is divided between an al fresco and an inside seating. The entrance has 200 light bulbs welcoming you inside. There are different lightings for different spaces. The bar has a space prepped for live performances with picturesque hanging lamps in the background. The seating is a comfortable fusion of fancy wooden benches, sofas and bar stools. The cafe focuses on indulgent shots, cocktails and wholesome food. Its menu draws inspiration from a blend of different cuisines such as the modern Indian, Italian, Continental, Thai, American, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, British, African, Spanish and Australian cuisines.

The ingredients are selected and processed in-house by an experienced crew of chefs. The signature Chicago Style Pizzas as well as the thin crust pizzas are a must have at the cafe. The other signature dishes include the North-African dish - Tajine (slow-cooked delicious stew made from sliced meat, poultry, fish and vegetables), Fattoush (Lebanese Summer salad), Lighting Wings (spicy chicken wings with chili mayo and crisps) and Corn Cigar (spiced corn blend wrapped in wonton sheets along with sweet chili sauce and crushed peanuts).Light house’s signature cocktails include Bull Frog (a concoction of Vodka, Triple sec, White Rum, Blue Curacao mixed with Red Bull), Blood Effect (a mixture of Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin Triple Sec, Lemonade topped with Red Wine) Flaming Lamborghini (Baileys Blue Curacao and Orange Liquor).

Teetotallers can choose from an exclusive range of mocktails such as the Virgin Mojito (A concoction of peach, raspberry, orange, peach, kiwi and strawberry), Italiano (contains fresh green apples, basil leaves, green apple syrup, sour mix lemon lime soda, and grenadine syrup) and Led Sangria (a blend of freshly cut fruits, mint chat masala sour mix and cranberry juice).

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