Masala Kraft - The Taj Mahal Palace

Colaba - Mumbai

As its name indicates, Masala Kraft, has experimented with a variety of spices and tasty masalas, fashioning beautiful dishes along the way. The restaurant is filled with warm lighting, its corners have the most beautiful carvings and aesthetic black pillars stand proudly on its sides. The décor and wooden seating shout classy and adds a contemporary touch to the restaurant. The candles that are placed at the corners add a traditional look to the place creating a great blend of classic and modern.

They have two signature dishes Dum ki Angaara Raan and Balai ka Tukda. The Dum ki Angaara Raan is a juicy leg of lamb marinated in delicious spices. It is slow-cooked on a high flame, flambéed with cognac and garnished with onions. The flavor of the cognac is evident with each bite.Dense milk bread soaked in condensed milk, the Balai ka Tukdi is soft and delicious. Garnished with dry fruits and cardamom, the bread melts in your mouth, leaving you in a sweet trance with every bite.

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