Olive Bar and Kitchen


Old and classic Bandra joint surely doesn’t disappoint. They have an amazing spread of salads, all kinds of main courses and drinks are also served here. The décor is stunning with the right balance of crude walls, sophisticated furniture, beautiful string lights wrapped around trees in the captivating garden and breath-taking water fountains.

Chef Rishim Sachdeva puts together an amazing balance of taste in the form of food. The staff are extremely courteous and the host is fun to interact with. Do try the signature cocktails like the Tequila con Verdita and the Union Park Swizzle.

The cheese specials have some mentions like the seasonal figs and goat cheese, chargrilled feta, and the chicken and feta croquette. They have a variety of soups and salads like the trio of beetroot and the roast chicken. In the appetizers section, the hummus and falafel, the mushroom and feta, lamb ribs, and the fried chicken are a must try. They also serve chargrills, pizza, pasta, risotto, and sides aside from the mains.

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