Lula Cantine BIO & veggie

Paris- France

The simplest explanation was that Lula was one of the many little nicknames that Luciana was given when she was a child. But in reality, it's much more than a nickname. Initially, Lula was a dream, then an idea became a project, materialized in 2014. Today Lula is a concept of restaurant / coffee / organic groceries that reminds us of the south, the sun, a human warmth. The south, necessarily since the three women of the project are Colombian and the fourth associate is Nice. A mother, her daughters and her son-in-law, that's Lula too. from left to right: Natalia, Gregory, Lucia & Luciana but not only... A feeling of being at home, always welcomed with a smile and a good mood. Lula is a joy of living, taste, care and a deep respect for the earth and those who work with love.

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