Harajuku - The O Hotel

Koregaon Park - Pune

Located in one of the prime locations of Pune, Harajuku is known for its live Teppenyaki counter and Japanese cuisine. Being small and cosy, the interiors of the restaurant make you feel like you’re in Japan. The music compliments the ambience and the food alike. Miso soup is served with spring onions, tofu, and seaweed and soya bean paste. The soup serves a good purpose of invoking the palate right before the taste of the amazingly rolled sushi takes over.

Their signature dish is the famous Makimono. As the waiter brings the plate to your table, the strong aroma of the Sushi slowly fills the air. This is a type of fish skin rolled with rice filling. The soft sushi just melts in your mouth as you bite it and the brilliant blend of the sticky rice and the thinly sliced fish is absolutely mesmerising. Ice cream tempura comprises of deep fried ice cream with a hint of butter and a generous amount of chocolate sauce. It is bound to make you feel amazing at the end of a sumptuous meal.

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