The Fullerton, Singapore

For ten years, Jade restaurant has offered diners in Singapore Cantonese-style cuisine of exceptional quality and elegance, and hospitality of unforgettable warmth, amply earning for itself the revered reputation of its precious gemstone namesake.

Its refurbished interior, and gourmet menu revitalised by Executive Chinese Chef Leong Chee Yeng, continues this distinguished tradition. The 120-seat establishment, with its two private rooms and two partitioned areas, now bears a new colour palette reflecting the lustre of jade, specially commissioned wallpaper, and evocative overhead lantern lighting among other exciting revamps. Housed within the historic and beautifully conserved The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, itself a national treasure, Jade restaurant represents a fusion of heritage, design, culture, and exquisite dining that is unique to the Singapore culinary scene.

The soothing tones and contemporary interiors also lend themselves well to the beautiful wedding venue, with Chef Leong and his team at the helm to customise exquisite Chinese menus.

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