Tambuah Mas


Traditional Indonesian fare is the name of the game here, and this restaurant has been serving up the hearty cuisine of Padang, Sulawesi, and Java for generations now. Made with family recipes that have been lovingly handed down, expect nothing less than the authentic bright, bold flavours of Indonesian regional cuisine without having to book a flight out of the country. Made with the freshest ingredients, hand-pounded pastes, and lovingly slow-braised meats, the food here has all the classics. Think Tahu Telur, a beautiful block of tender egg tofu encased in fried egg and then drenched in a savoury-sweet soy sauce gravy and topped with nuts and crunchy shallots. The signature here is the classic Rendang Lembu, a fastidiously slow-braised rendang made from beef in a house spice blend and lots of rich coconut milk, reduced until richly caramelized and fork-tender.

They’re especially famous for their Satay, featuring tender skewered chicken and fatty beef cooked over a charcoal flame and served up with a traditional peanut sauce, as well as the Cumi Cumi Goreng, crispy baby squid in a dark sweet sauce. All this is perfect ladled over classic Nasi Kuning, spiced yellow rice cooked in coconut milk for extra aroma and richness. Finish the meal with an extra special Cendol Kacang, made the traditional way with hand-squeezed coconut milk, red kidney beans, and home-made green bean jelly, for a homey taste of yesteryear. Indonesian food is one of the great prides of our region, and here at Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant, they have lots to be proud about.

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