Verde Kitchen

Hilton, Singapore

Holistic and wholesome, Verde Kitchen serves dishes aligned to our mantra of 'Real Food, Full of Natural Flavors', including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and raw food options. Taste the leafy vegetables from the Vertical Garden, harvested right on the premises.

Verde Kitchen is committed to serving healthy food that is best for individuals, local communities and the environment by supporting locally grown, organic, certified ingredients and sustainable food systems:

98% of menu items are made from scratch, healthy eating starts right here daily

60% of seafood carries the Marine Stewardship council or Aquaculture Stewardship certification

100% of chicken and eggs are certified organic, free-range and lacto-free

50% of menu items use locally and sustainably sourced high-quality ingredients

Our cozy 32-seat restaurant is perfect for great tasting healthy lunches with associates and catching up with friends.

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