Sri Lanka

Overlooking the famous World Trade Center, Semondu is an innovative restaurant offering an eclectic, international menu with its own unique twist of Sri Lankan fusion.

The restaurant offers the unique option of observing their master-chefs while they are at work, for patrons with a curious disposition. The open kitchen serves a wide variety of dishes from starters, salads, and soups, in addition to main courses.

A gourmet’s paradise, Semondu offers a window into Sri Lanka’s rich cultural and political history. Its walls are adorned with pictures of historical Sri Lanka, creating a rich contrast not much unlike the fusion cuisine of the restaurant. The Dutch influences of Sri Lanka’s bygone eras can also be readily observed.

Patrons should ensure to try out the Semondu-style prawn cocktail, and the Australian lamb rack with mint pepper sauce-two of the perennial favourites.

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