Yue Chuan

The Kingsbury Colombo, Sri Lanka

Located at the Kingsbury hotel, Yue Chuan welcomes us into a positive ambience with hanging lanterns, high ceilings and mirrors. The restaurant offers authentic Sri Lankan and Chinese fare and is ideal for groups and business lunches. Their signature dishes include sweet & sour chicken with pineapple, crab and egg fried rice and signature seafood rice. The seafood dishes were bursting with flavors and were cooked to perfection.

Yue Chaun features an open kitchen, where we can see the chefs in action. The double fried pork belly is a delicacy while the spicy fried green beans is the favorite of the patrons who visit the restaurant for quality Chinese food. The strawberry deep-fried ice cream and the lychee with ice cream stood out in the dessert section.

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