Hoi An

Shangri La Hotel - Dubai

This place is known for serving authentic Vietnamese food in Dubai. It is actually set up like a Vietnamese tea house with luxurious d├ęcor and interiors to provide an unforgettable dining experience. With an entirely Vietnamese kitchen and service team, Hoi An offers a mesmerizing blend of authentic Vietnamese flavors and traditional hospitality. The ambience is complemented by a wide variety of delectable Vietnamese dishes served in traditional style on bamboo platters and lotus leaves. The restaurant uses fresh, traditional ingredients to bring the flavors of Vietnam, while applying a liberal dose of imagination to the culinary techniques and presentation. From Tom Chien Gion, Gan Ngong Hap, Nom Hai San, Pho Bo Viet Nam to Ca Hoi Nuong, Bo Xao Tieu Den, they have a wide array of choices. They also have a decent vegetarian section. Their banana pancake with fruit salsa and vanilla ice cream is a huge hit among dessert lovers.

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