Joe's Crab Shack


Overlooking the Dubai Aquarium, Joe’s Crab Shack is a paradise for sea food lovers at The Dubai Mall. The large welcoming indoors is well-suited for large groups and families and you can enjoy delectable food in a relaxed ambience. The menu offers a variety of seafood and other non-vegetarian options including starters, fried specialties, sandwiches, burgers and meals.

With seafood shipped from Canada, dishes are served in generous portions, similar to their US counterparts. As the name suggests, they specialize in a crab, prawns and lobster specialties.

The starters are spot on with The Crab Nachos, loaded with crab dip, cheese and black corn relish and the gooey crab stuffed mushrooms with cheese and alfredo sauce. Their signature dishes include the crab bucket, which also comes in a spicy variant and the queen crab, drizzled in garlic butter. They also offer a range of desserts such as Campfires’ mores with perfectly toasted marshmallows and crispy Graham crackers. The moist cake with a Hershey’s chocolate is another popular dessert from their menu.

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