Al Qasr, Dubai

Situated at the end of the pier at the esteemed Al Qasr Hotel with captivating views across the Arabian Gulf, Pierchic offers a stunning ‘over-the-water’ dining experience unparalleled within the Emirate. The Mediterranean Seafood menu sets the standard with an enchanting culinary offering inspired by the world’s oceans, with fresh catch and sustainably sourced produce delivered to the restaurant daily.

This romantic pier also offers an extensive three-course lunch or sunset of fresh seafood with an accompanying unrivaled view and ambiance called Chic by Day and an elegant brunch with a view including a selection of exquisite seafood dishes with a four-course menu including Pierchic’s signature seafood tower.

With exquisite food, beverages made by skilled mixologists, the sound of waves and an unparalleled view, it is the ultimate way to do Fridays in style.

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