Social House


Overlooking the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai fountain, this restaurant is one of the best places to gorge some good food with a spectacular view of the indoors and outdoors. The place also intends to let you dine in close proximity to other guests in an effort to promote socializing. They have backless benches close together and huge round tables seating up to eight people, which you might have to share with strangers. This is a preferred option among tourists and the expatriate crowd, as they get to interact with new people.

The menu is a mixture of Italian and Asian cuisines with a range of dishes - from salads to sushi. It also serves different varieties of meats. The Greek salad is a perfect starter for a delicious meal and comes with a fresh and a zingy dressing. Another dish worth trying out is the chicken quesadilla, that is generously filled with chicken and cheese.

The Mi Goreng has the right balance of different flavors and you can choose the level of spice, according to your palate. The Kung Pao is a delicious mix of chicken, sticky sauce along with cashews served on a bed of crispy rice noodles and a bowl of rice. The new dessert section includes Apple Crumble Pie and a Tiram-ousse, a mix of tiramisu and mousse. The Chocolate Dream is another popular dessert served in a glass, which is sinful as it has Nutella and is topped with a slab of chocolate.

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