Above & Beyond

Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

Above & Beyond is by far one of the best destinations in Hong Kong for authentic Cantonese food. The restaurant, situated on the rooftop of Hotel Icon, is significant for a bunch of reasons. Predominantly designed by legendary British designer Sir Terence Conan, it offers jaw-dropping views of the Hong Kong skyline.

World renowned executive chef Paul Tsui and his team prepare some of the most delectable and sought-after Chinese dishes in the Hong Kong region. In addition to the immaculate cuisine, the restaurant carries many exclusive world class wines to satiate the palates of their clientele. The restaurant goes one step further to satisfy the wine connoisseur—it has an exclusive wine cellar and a dedicated sommelier.

Above & Beyond also features an extensive art collection, and few restaurants in the Hong Kong area are able to match its caliber. Cheung Yee’s stunning cast paper murals, Kim Chong Ho’s jaw dropping cityscapes, and Chow Chun Fai’s celebration of local neighborhoods on canvas round a thoroughly five-star experience.

Patrons should ensure to try out the dim sum, deep-fried wonton, Peking duck, and crispy pork, some of the standout dishes of the establishment. Do not miss this culinary extravaganza the next time you are in the Hong Kong region.

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